Monday, 7 October 2013

Georgy Davis arrives in Malawi!

CEDP Programme Manager Georgy Davis has finally arrived in Malawi having battled through lengthy flight delays to get there.

Georgy will spend 6 weeks in Malawi catching up with CEDP Development Officers, the Strategic Energy Partners and other CEDP staff. This is a particularly important time for the CEDP as the 12 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) which the CEDP has been working with are finalising project designs and applications for capital funding will soon be submitted.

Georgy's visit will also give her the opportunity to meet with Edgar Bayani who is setting up and registering a community energy organisation in Malawi and with Martin Ketembo who is developing a community renewable energy toolkit for Malawi. Both pieces of work are vital in ensuring that the wider support network and resources necessary to support community energy in Malawi are in place. Watch this space for updates from Georgy!

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