Friday, 6 September 2013

Edgar Bayani - Development Coordinator in post!

This has been a very exciting week for the CEDP as the new Community Energy Malawi (working name) Development Coordinator started work on Monday 2nd September. Discussions with Strategic Energy Partners (SEPs) in Malawi had revealed that there was a real need to create a new, independent, nationally based organisation whose remit was to drive the Development of the Community Energy sector in Malawi. This is considered crucial in ensuring continuity for the Programme after March 2014. Edgar's principal role will be to set up and register the organisation which will take forward Community Energy in Malawi.

On starting his new role Edgar said:

'Giving ordinary Malawians a chance to influence policy and have better energy sources is a task for us all but it’s an honour to be tasked with setting foundations for CEM as a means of providing Malawian Communities that chance. Providing sustainable energy solutions is a MUST for Malawi. It is a challenge I am prepared to take with passion because as Donald Trump Said, “without passion, you don’t have energy and without energy, you simply have nothing”'.

We're all really excited to have Edgar on board, welcome to the team!

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