Monday, 16 June 2014

CEDP Team Meeting at Salima

I write this blog post having just got back from a CEDP team meeting at Salima, a town on the shores of the beautiful Lake Malawi. Since the CEDP team are spread out over the whole of Malawi it was the first time since the end of March that the whole team has got together, and what a fantastic setting for a team meeting!

CEDP Team striking a pose at Lake Malawi (L-R) Blessings, Mavuto, Sithembile and Edgar
The last few months have seen an incredible amount of effort and activity from the DOs and Edgar. The DOs have been helping groups to install projects now that funding has been approved and Edgar has been very busy organising Malawi's first Community Energy Conference as well as setting up Community Energy Malawi (CEM), the organisation that will take on the activities of the CEDP and enable communities in Malawi to create sustainable renewable energy solutions to meet their energy needs. 
This team meeting was focussed on clarifying budgets and activities for this year as well as starting to think about potential future partnerships and collaborations for Community Energy Malawi and, of course, readying everybody for this weeks' conference!

Women carrying firewood home on the shores of Lake Malawi. Each of these large bundles will only last a household 3 days at most.
Following the team meeting Community Energy Scotland CEO, Nicholas Gubbins, travelled to the North of Malawi with Sithembile to see some project installations there. Sarah and Edgar are busy in Lilongwe preparing for the conference which will take place this Thursday, the 19th June. 

Sun setting at Salima, Malawi
Looking forward to being able to put up the next post which will include lots of photos and summaries of key discussions held at the conference!

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