Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Over 40 CEDP Projects Approved!

In truth I am not sure where the time has gone since we last posted! But that is testament to the huge amount of work that the CEDP have been doing to make sure that activities were completed by the end of March 2014.

Each Development Officer has been working hard with the 4 community based organisations (CBO) in their respective regions (see our newsletters here for updates on the DOs activities). Having identified the main needs in each community, supported the community to find an appropriate renewable energy solution to address this need and through providing appropriate training and capacity building it is hoped that all communities are now well prepared to operate and manage the systems themselves. As such, at the end of March, each CBO was ready to submit an application for funding to build the renewable energy projects that will address the need in their communities.

We are delighted to announce that each of the 12 CBOs has successfully submitted applications for funding with 43 projects being approved for funding by the 31st March. The different types of and numbers of installations are outlined below:

North Central South Total
Solar Powered Water Pumping 1 0 1 2
PV for CBO office 2 0 0 2
PV for Primary School and staff houses 12 4 4 20
PV for CDSS 3 0 1 4
PV Teacher Development Training Centre 1 0 0 1
Cook stoves 2 2 0 4
Solar lanterns 1 4 4 9
PV for  Health Centre, fridge for medical supplies and staff houses 0 0 1 1
Total projects installed 22 10 11 43

Each DO is now working with each of the CBOs to make sure that projects are installed, watch this space for installation news!

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