Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Positive impact already seen at Machinga!

Mavuto, the Development Officer for the Southern Region recently gave an update on the project progress for Umodzi CBO, Machinga District.

Umodzi CBO are planning to install solar PV panels in their community schools and word has spread about this upcoming development to the surrounding communities. So much so that the school register has increased from approximately 900 pupils to over 1700 in anticipation of the solar PV installation!! When asked about why this was, Mavuto said that people in the surrounding community were keen to go to a school which had electricity as they could study in the evenings.

One of the school buildings in Machinga District where Solar PV will be installed under the CEDP.

It's really exciting to hear this type of news from the field. The project is not yet installed and already we can see the potential positive impacts that the CEDP projects may have. Stay tuned for more news from the field!

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