Wednesday, 13 November 2013

CEDP at Community Energy Scotland Conference!

On the 5th and 6th of November Community Energy Scotland, CES, held their annual conference in Glasgow. The topic of this year's conference was how innovative technology can link local renewable energy generation to local consumption of energy. This topic is of particular relevance for many communities in Scotland where access to the main electricity grid is not possible due to constraints or expensive grid upgrades being necessary.

For many communities in Malawi, looking at off-grid solutions for their energy needs is also common since the national grid only services 9% of the population of Malawi. In this way, communities in rural Scotland have things in common with communities in Malawi. Both are looking for off-grid solutions for their energy needs.

International Development Officer, Sarah Jones, discussing the CEDP with Scottish community groups and proudly wearing her CEDP t-shirt!

A number of Scottish community groups were interested in being informed of the activities of the CEDP and were interested in developing a partnership programme between communities in Malawi and Scotland. Watch this space for more details on the partnership programme!

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